We transport luggage

For the hikers of the GR10 and the tour of the Val du Garbet, we carry the luggage transport between  la Colline Verte and the lodges of Aunac, Esbintz, Rouze, and lodges, hotels and campsites of Aulus les Bains and Seix  

Ariege : sheer mountain –

Ariege is a department of Pyrenees -backed Spain and Andorra, which has preserved its traditions, its authenticity in a protected natural environment . Much of its territory is a Regional Park since 2009. The variety of flora and fauna is exceptional and the transhumance of sheep, cows and horses Merens is still active. Its grand ... Read More

Hikes around Guzet Ustou in summer –

Ustou, glacial valley dotted with villages ( Serac , St. Lizier The Trein , Bielle, Stillom , Bidous … ) and on the heights of the ski resort Guzet . To go further : http://www.montagnes-du-couserans.fr/siterando/detailcommunes.php?commune=8&lg=fr

Join the GR10 from Saint-Lizier of Ustou –

Do you know that the GR10 passes Saint-Lizier of Ustou ? The great adventure of crossing the Pyrenees via the GR10 , have you ever dreamed to experience it? So, do it! Here’s a site that will help you planning your itinerary , equipment and supply : click here

Discover and learn to identify wild plants in Ustou valley ! –

Are you interested in spending  4 days of hiking and mini- botanical training? Whether beginner or advanced, these days allow you to progress . Times are expected to observe the plants along the trails and discover the original features of the flora of the Pyrenees and Ariege, along the paths . Other are planned for ... Read More

Discover the valley of Ustou –

Ustou is located in Ariege in the Haut-Couserans and the canton of Oust between the valleys of Garbet (Aulus-les-Bains) and Haut-Salat (Salau). The road across the valley from the Pont de la Taule to Latrape neck which can reach Aulus-les-Bains. It is crossed by rivers and the Ossèse Alet which flows into the Salat at ... Read More