Discover the valley of Ustou –

Ustou is located in Ariege in the Haut-Couserans and the canton of Oust between the valleys of Garbet (Aulus-les-Bains) and Haut-Salat (Salau). The road across the valley from the Pont de la Taule to Latrape neck which can reach Aulus-les-Bains. It is crossed by rivers and the Ossèse Alet which flows into the Salat at the Pont de la Taule. The town of Ustou that spreads throughout the valley is composed of some villages (Saint-Lizier, Le Trein and Serac), each with its church and cemetery, as well as multiple hamlets (Escots, Bieille …) . Note that the village of Rouze dominating Couflens and the High Salat valley depends on the town Ustou. Guzet-snow ski resort is the only resort of Couserans is in the territory of the commune. The valley’s border with Spain. One can travel to Spain on foot through the Ports of Marterat (2217 m) and Couillac (2416 m). In recent years the border runs Ustou – Tavascan in which a race through the Port of Marterat can reach Saint-Lizier of Ustou in Tavascan in Spain. The valley ends in the circus Cagateille second circus of the Pyrenees after Gavarnie. The town hall is located in Saint-Lizier of Ustou where is our « La Colline Verte » lodge.